Op-shop brag

I haven't been blogging much as we have moved far far away to the country & everything's been hectic. It's been a total change of lifestyle & a bit of a culture shock (even though we were only from a small town before) I had previously only ever lived 20 mins drive from my parents at most but now its a 6 hr drive. Although it was a massively hard decision & I miss our family & friends like crazy, it's become a great new adventure & a chance for me to afford to stay at home longer without the pressure to return to work. It has also meant that we have been able to look at purchasing a home, something that we thought wouldnt be possible for a long long time back in the hunter. So we're about to exchange contracts on our first home & we're so excited.

All of my craft stuff is packed away & I haven't done any baking as the oven in our rental is not so good- but that will all hopefully change soon. In the mean time I have still been op-shopping & finding some bargains.

Today I found these vintage doilies, a timber tray, Peter Rabbit toy & a little milk jug in roughly the colour I'd like to make our study/craft/storage room when we move in & renovate it.
I spent under & $5 and that also included a few other doilies & a couple books I got.
The jug was just 80 cents!! I love finding bargains & supporting a charity at the same time.


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