I'm Loving $1 & under Op-shop (thrift-store) bargains

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I'm loving Op-shopping & Bargain hunting!!!!

I've done some more op-shopping and recycling centre shopping & have found some bargains all $1 and under this week. I'm looking forward to using them in some of my upcoming projects.

This is the garage I showed you earlier this week. It's had a couple of coats of free red paint. Thanks Dad (Great having a Dad that's a painter) It needs another coat and some other finishing touches yet.

These baskets, trays, frames & spice rack were all $1 & under each. Love em'.
The two frames were from different shops but are quite similar (bonus!!) I'm wanting to start a collection of filigree/ fancy frames all spray painted one colour. I've been waiting 4 years for my hubby to build a spice rack he insisted he'd make & since I still don't have it this $1 one will do!

I LOVE baskets- great for storage & I think they've just got a nice look to them.

I also love trays so was stoked to find these (the little one still had a turkish delight tag on it so it's iddy bitty but will look cute painted up) not sure just yet what I'll use them for- maybe on my desk?!

What have you found for $1 or less?


Patsy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great day!!!

TidyMom said...

Looks like you found some great goodies!!

Thanks for linking up to I'm Lovin' It! Have a GREAT weekend!

Rustown Mom said...

I just love thrifting - looks like you got some good deals!

Jerri said...

Great stuff! I love going to the thrift store to get little figurines and collectibles to add to the collection in my china cabinet. I need to start looking for potential project supplies!

thismumsworld said...

Thanks for stopping by & commenting all!

Rockin Momma said...

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Vivobello said...

so many possibilities!! Can't wait to see your finished projects!

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