Paper toys

From time to time we write letters to our sponsor child over in Kenya. I like to include photos of our family and sometimes a small gift. Compassion don't let you send large bulky items because of possible theft and excess postage costs to sometimes very remote areas. So we send little flat items like stickers and bookmarks that fit into a regular envelope.

I've been wanting to find some other items to send & have thought of paper dolls (I remember having a Barbie paper doll birthday card as a child that I loved- I also had given to me one year a birthday card of a little girl that 'walked' as a wheel of feet spun on the inside of the card held on by a split pin- it was very sweet.)

I adore puppets, felt boards, and toys that evoke the imagination and as I have said before I love paper so I got a little carried away looking for paper dolls and the like. Here are some of the things I've come across.

The toy maker
Window to fairyland, Bear Wagon, Chocolate Truck & Paper Dolls
Features toys that move, gifts & boxes, learning toys, animals and bug friends plus lots more.
Paper Toys
Big Ben, Sydney Opera house, Harley, Dinoland
Features lots of buildings & vehicles plus more
Toy a Day
Mario & Luigi, Sonic, Pingu, Bob the builder
Features Sci-fi characters, cartoon characters, user submitted toys, art inspired toy & lots more
Made by Joel
Paper city, sloted building discs, Paper cowboy
Joel also has plenty of other toys & activities not made of paper to check out
and now for the big kids...
Canon creative park- paper craft
Just do yourself a favour and check the site out- they also have other non toy/model printables including cards, callendars & scrapbooking....Loving it!!!
Now this is where I found the Canon site-
Creative Close Up-
100 Exceptional Free Paper Models and Toys

Yes thats right 100 paper models & toys...
you better go buy yourself some more ink!


~Mary~ said...

What a wonderful idea. I have Little House on the Prairie paper dolls. I couldn't bring myself to remove them from their pages though. Yet if I were a child I'd have them lifted and played with so much!Your sponsor child will adore you for this great gift.

thismumsworld said...

Go on Mary I dare you to do it!! I can never understand it when people collect things & leave them in the box, but maybe that's just me being too tempted to play with things! Although maybe your Little House on the Prairie paper dolls might be worth something one day.
:) kt

Tricia Hicks said...

How cute! It will be fun to read your blog knowing that we are quite the distance apart geographically! I don't post on my blog very often, but I sure do enjoy reading other folk's blogs!

thismumsworld said...

Thanks for stopping by Tricia. I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs too- and most of the blogs I read are from the other side of the world!

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