White Chocolate ANZAC biscuits for ANZAC day

Today is ANZAC day- Lest we forget. 25th April

I have made my husband's Aunty Evi's ANZAC biscuits today and thought I should share her yummy recipe (hope she doesn't mind). It's a variation on the original as they are softer and contain chocolate!! A luxury that the troops didn't have on theirs.

For any Aussie/ Kiwi readers you will know the story but for everyone else ANZAC biscuits were sent to Australian and New Zealand soldiers by their wives during WW1 as they kept well and would last the long distance it took to get to them overseas. They are still popular today.

A couple of people have commented on not knowing about ANZACS so I should mention that it stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps and ANZAC day is a day to commemorate those who fought at Gallipoli in WW1 (and also all those who've served in the armed forces)

1 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups desicated coconut
2 cups plain flour
2 cups rolled oats
300g butter
2 tbl golden syrup
2 heaped tsp bi-carb soda
1/4 cup boiling water
Chocolate for drizzling

Makes about 24
1. Mix together all dry ingredients except bi-carb.
2. Melt butter & syrup in a seperate bowl.

3. Dissolve in bi-carb soda with boiling water (be careful!!) then pour this mixture into the butter mixture and stir.

4. Add butter mixture to the dry indredients and mix well.

5. Roll mixture into balls and place on greased & lined trays flattening the balls out a little and leaving a fair sized gap as they expand. You will need a couple of trays or to bake in batches.

6. Bake on 170*c-180*c for around 12 minutes rotating the trays half way. Cook until golden brown- they will harden a bit on standing.
7. Drizzle melted chocolate onto each biscuit whilst still hot. Cool on cooling rack.
8. Enjoy!

Other variations add 1/2 cup crushed nuts
a few raw blanched peanuts each

For futher info on the ANZACS please read:


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panamamama said...

Very interesting! I learned something new today! That recipe looks delicious too, have to try it with the kids!

this mum' s world said...

Hi panamamama, they're so easy to make so they would be great to make with the kids.
Thanks for stopin by!

Tammy@My Party File said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe - can't wait to try it. I alternate each year between ANZAC biscuits, ANZAC slice and ANZAC cake - looks like I now have another to add to the rotation!
Lest we forget.

this mum' s world said...

Anzac cake that sounds yummy! Thanks for stopping by Tammy.kt

LivingInspired said...

Good thing you explained what ANZAC is, because I was lost. They look delicious and simple. I just may have to try 'em out!

this mum' s world said...

I'm glad to have enlightened you! They are very simple and yummy indeed.
Thanks for stopping by. kt

Sandra said...

Yummy these look GOOD! I'm definitely going to give these a try.

Angie said...

You won an award!

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